“Lightworker: A person driven and motivated to do work that makes the world a better place, improve people’s lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness.”​

Legendary Lightworker Lab is a 6-month group container that helps conscious entrepreneurs take their established business, align it further with their soul and reach 6 figures without sacrificing everything else they love.

You’ve done ok. But ok isn’t your end game.

You’re tired of working so hard for a ‘meh’ outcome. And you can’t help but feel you are still living a mediocre life while peddling your profitable but not show-stopping business around the clock.  

You want to take your business to a whole new level. The 6-figure level you’ve dreamed of without losing your damn mind to get there. 

You want more than profit. You want purpose, alignment, and meaning – with less hustle and more freedom.

Turn Your Business into the Stuff of Legends

Join me in an intimate group coaching program where you will retrain your subconscious, break the hidden patterns holding you back, and step into complete alignment with your next-level self.   

You will become emboldened to take the steps YOU need to take to grow a consistent, sustainable income that has you rocking your first 100K year!

The World Needs More Mentors for Women Like Us.

While I get to support you to rise, you in turn invite me to rise.  No one wants to rise alone. I’m calling in 5-10 women to experience becoming legendary with me and with each other.  

My goal is to guide you on how to expand your business from within yourself. What does that mean? 

It means teaching a high-level-minded, energy shift vs. assigning a bunch of cookie-cutter crap to do.   

Are systems taught? Yes. In fact, you will have access to an entire portal of training. But the primary focus of this program is to get you and your container soul-sisters into the energy of upleveling.  

It’s an embodiment.  

A conscious choice.  

A cellular-vibrational shift.  

Because without that, no module in the world is going to get you off the hamster wheel of so-so and struggle.


To become a Legendary Lightworker, you must come fully into yourself by creating sacred trust within and embody energetic shifting.  

As you gain this awareness you can then create packages and offers that strategically align you to doing your SOUL work with your ideal clients. It may be refining what you already offer, or it may be flipping everything on its head.  

The point is knowing there is no one right way to create a successful business, other than to do what is right for YOU, right for your soul.  

I will support you in this sometimes-wobbly growth because I understand it can be a scary notion to take action from within your true self. 

Legendary Lightworker Lab is for you if:

  • You are looking to get bigger and grow more – reach more humans while making more money without burning out. 
  • You are already generating an income in your business, but you aren’t making enough – or you go through the dreaded cycle of feast or famine with your income.  

  • You are willing to consciously invite more prosperity into your life by readjusting the definition of success by doing things differently than you have in order to remove stigmas and blocks.  

  • You are ready for a big mindset shift to prioritize and reorganize your time and thoughts to move into a greater form of magnetism to monetize and manifest your best life. 

It’s not for you if:

  • You are looking for a coach to “save your business” or tell you exactly what to do.
  • Need a coach who will only tell you exactly what you want to hear. I work within love, but sometimes that includes love wrapped in bluntness.

  • You are a new business or are a business not yet making any profit.

  • You don’t believe that personal mindset and energetic vibration are a part of business success.

What's Included

We will get you clear on what you actually want using vibrational alignment and conscious embodiment, then accelerate the path to get you there using strategies and structure that make sense for your unique business. 

You will receive a combination of pre-recorded learning modules as well as live group coaching sessions where I teach you to delegate, automate and structure your business to become resilient, all while tapping deeper into your natural gifts, talents, and abilities.  

Each month you will get: 

Weekly channeled meditations, light language, activations & attunements 

High-level mindset and manifestation techniques 

2 group Q+A calls – get feedback, ask me questions & learn from other women in the program. 

2-4 monthly strategy & structure training videos on topics such as marketing lead generation, automation, your product suite, funnels, and more.  


On top of the core support of this program, you also receive some pretty bomb bonuses including: 

  • A private FB community w/ support from me and my team of coaches. 
  • 1 private 45-minute call with a team coach each month (6 in total).  
  • Lifetime access to the course materials and updates. 

Legendary Lightworker is set up as a Lab so you can experiment & explore as you expand.  

The lab platform hosts all your learning modules such as automation, systems, processes, and marketing. But beyond just the strategic approach, we add in high-level energy expansion and subtle mindset shifts that cause an evolutionary change in your paradigm. 

Legendary Lightworker Lab gets you to next-level profits and is your path to your first 6-figure year by creating flow without force and action without burnout.

Finally, a business accelerator that: 

Gives you accountability in a supportive and intimate environment 

Provides strategy that makes sense for you 

Combines Mindset, Strategy & Spirituality 

Turns manifesting from a place of fear into a new freedom 

Gets you to consistent monthly income, hitting 5k-30k+ per month 

Makes you the CEO of your business rather than the doer-of-everything 

Takes you from working in your business to working on your business so you can stop working on things that yield zero results  

Imagine no longer reinventing the wheel. No longer procrastinating. No longer doing everything all yourself. No longer overcomplicating things. No longer feeling paralyzed to act. 

The truth? You can find anything you need to know about business online. I’m not here to just flood you with information you can find on Google. This is about taking action within the energetic embodiment of your soul.   

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Write testimonial from your customer here. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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